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How to Unclutter Windows Task bar with TrayWindows

by Shivaranjan on July 18, 2008


If you got habit of minimizing open or active windows to Windows task bar or system tray then you end up with lot of clutter in your task bar. TrayWindows is an freeware utility that you can use to hide the currently active window or all windows matching a specified criteria to single task bar icon.


The current active window that is open can be hidden to TrayWindows using the Windows hot key Win+H. If you wish to hide all the open Windows then hit Win+Alt+H and all the open windows would get hidden under the TrayWindows icon in the system tray.



To bring back all you need to do is hit Win+Alt+S and all the hidden windows are restored. This utility is immensely useful if you happen to work with lot of open windows then it will give you some relief from your clutter. Winking

Apart from hiding the open windows you can access your favourites and browse through your documents quickly. If the author can add auto startup option to this useful utility then it would be much more useful. You can add this utility to run from your startup folder to start up automatically every time you start your Windows.

This piece of software works flawlessly in Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Download TrayWindows 1.0

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