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Replace Windows Standard Run Dialog with runXT

by Shivaranjan on July 18, 2008


runXT is a replacement for the standard windows run dialog. It features Hotkey and Tray Icon support, an built in calculator and time display when in standby mode. This is a nifty tool that will allow you to create your own custom command using the built in GUI interface or manually via xml.  The commands that you create are stored in a xml file that is created in directory where the runXT program is stored. If you want to have a look at the commands that you have created just open up the xml file and you can go through all the commands that you have created.



All the features of this useful utility can be accessed through GUI interface or by issuing commands in the dialog box. Find below the list of commands:

Command Function
#new Create a new command
#create same as above
#edit Edit your existing commands
#clock Displays clock in the dialog box
#settings Brings settings dialog
#refresh Refresh the command list
#calc start the calculator (e.g.: #calc 6*8)
#exit Exit runXT

This utility can be greatly tuned to your requirement as it offers lot of options.


runXT runs on Windows 2000 above but requires .NET framework. You can get runXT from here.

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