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Search and Download Subtitles for Movies right from Desktop

by Shivaranjan on July 23, 2008


Movie buffs like me who often search for subtitles from the Internet. Then I can say life has just become more easy with Sublight which is a freeware utility that allows you search for movie subtitles from your desktop. Happy

Here are some of the features of the Sublight:

1. There are two ways in which you can search for the subtitles one is the automatic mode in which you just need to point the movie file for which you intend to find the subtitle and the software will do rest for you. In the manual mode you would need to enter the movie name for which you intend to the subtitle search in the search box that is provided.

2. The application can be integrated to Windows explorer for quick access.

3. The best part is that if you can play the video immediately that is downloaded using this application the popular media players supported are VLC, BS.Player, Media Player Classic,
KMPlayer and GOM player.

4. Got a subtitle that you intend to publish then you can do this right from the application.


Here is a youtube video which you can see sublight in action:

Download Sublight

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