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Firefox Addon: PDF Download 2.0

by Shivaranjan on July 28, 2008


PDF download 2.0 is a PDF addon for Firefox that allows you to control the behavior of PDF files within Firefox. We had earlier covered PDF download 1.0 and now the version 2.0 has been released with additional features that you just simply cannot resist.

Features that PDF download 2.0 offers:

1. PDF file handling: When ever you encounter the PDF file in Firefox you can define the way in which it has to be handled, like you can set it to download, open pdf and view to html. I normally set it to ask for my confirmation.


2. Fast accessibility: The PDF download can be quickly accessed from Firefox menu.


3. Web pages can be saved as PDF: Now you can save any web page to PDF using PDF download. This can either done from Firefox menu or there is a save as Pdf option in the Firefox file menu.


4. E-mail web page as a PDF: The best feature is that you can easily convert web pages to pdf and e-mail them to e-mail address that you would wish to receive. Now I can share the web pages with my friends by converting them to PDF and sharing it with them.


5. View or convert PDF to HTML: PDF download allows PDF files to be converted to HTML with out any additional software.

Best of all is that this is Free. Happy

Screenshots of PDF Download 2.0





If you are a Firefox user then this addon is a must have for a pleasant browsing experience.

Download PDF Download 2.0

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