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How to Convert Excel 2007 File to JPEG Format using Universal Document Converter

by Shivaranjan on August 7, 2008


We recently reviewed Universal Document Converter, in today’s tutorial we will see how we can convert a Microsoft Excel 2007 presentation to JPEG image using Universal Document converter.

1. Before we can proceed you would have to get Universal Document Converter and install it from here.

2. After UDC is installed it should be visible along with the default printer of the computer.

3. Open the Excel 2007 file that you need to convert to JPEG file format. Click on the Office button in top left hand side of the screen, now select the print option from there. Refer to the screenshot below (click to enlarge):


4. From the list of available printers choose UDC virtual printer as shown in the screenshot below:

5. Click on the properties button and choose the Document to JPEG mode as shown below in the screenshot below (click to enlarge):

6. Once you have chosen the Document to JEPG mode and hit the OK button the UDC will start converting the file to JPEG format and save it in the output folder that you configured. The default output folder is C:\UDC Output Files.

7. Now you can open converted JPEG file in your favorite image viewing application.


Note: To publish this post we are compensated from UDC. The opinions that are expressed here are true and honest.

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