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How to Merge / Combine Multiple PDF files into Single PDF File

by Shivaranjan on August 8, 2008


PdfMerge is a free open source software using which you can combine multiple PDF files to a single PDF file. There may be instances when you would want to combine multiple PDF to a single PDF file and this utility can accomplish that easily.

The PDF files that you intend to merge can added by a simple drag and drop. You can also set a bookmark for each document, specify the range of pages to extract, provide individual titles and order of PDF files to be merged.


Once the files have been added just hit the Merge button and all the selected files would have been merged to single PDF file. There is currently no option merge the password protected PDF files as this program does not support that functionality but we would like the author to add this feature to this utility. PdfMerge supports Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

Download PdfMerge

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