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Microsoft Excel Addin: Excel Autobackup

by Shivaranjan on September 3, 2008


Microsoft Excel has by default auto save function which save your excel file automatically at a predefined time interval. The only downside of default Microsoft Excel auto save function is that it overwrites again and again the previous versions.

Features of Excel Autobackup:

1. Save your Excel files to a folder specified by you.

2. Specify the time interval for saving the files

3. How many backup copies to keep

4. Does not overwrite previous versions

To use the Excel Autobackup you have to activate Excel Autobackup from Excel Addins.

How to Install Excel Autobackup:

1. Open Microsoft Excel and click the Office ribbon. Now click the Excel Options button present in bottom of the screen


2. Now navigate to the Excel Addins. Towards the bottom of the screen select the Mange Excel Addins and hit the GO button


3. In the corresponding screen that comes search and navigate to the Excel Autobackup file and then activate it.


That is it the Excel Autobackup is installed and it will prompt for configuration options. Once you do that Excel Autobackup will work silently in the background to save your Excel files.

Dowload Excel Autobackup

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