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Copy Files to Multiple Locations Simultaneously

by Shivaranjan on September 6, 2008


The default Windows copy and paste handler allows you to copy files to one destination only. But imagine a scenario in which you would like to copy the photos that you took in your last road trip to all your friends USB drives. In this scenario you would have to copy the photos to all your friends drive one by one and that will take quite a long time if you got lot of photos.

Rapid Copy is a free tool that allows you to copy files from one location to multiple destinations. With Rapid Copy you can copy files to 8 locations simultaneously and it recognizes your USB pen drive / flash drive and external hard drives.


Rapid Copy copies the files at maximum speed to the drives we felt it was faster than the normal Windows copy handler function. Rapid Copy has become a must have application in my application collections.

We tested Rapid Copy in Windows XP and Windows Vista and found it works without any issues.

Download Rapid Copy

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