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How to Find Technical Information or Details About CRT / LCD Monitors

by Shivaranjan on September 8, 2008


Sometimes we would need to find out the technical details of our LCD or CRT monitors. In normal cases we would be referring to our user guide that came when the monitor was purchased or we will refer to the manufacturers website for more details.

To quickly find the technical details of the monitor from Windows we can use a free utility called Monitor Asset Manager. This utility is primarily aimed at corporate IT administrators who can use this utility to manage multiple monitors but even average home users can keep this utility handy as it is free for personal use.

Monitor Asset Manager reports the various technical details about the monitor. This utility directly queries the monitor to get the technical info rather than rely on the Windows registry entries. Hence reported information is more accurate when compared to the information extracted from the Windows registry.

The following are the technical details or information you can find about your monitor: Model name, Manufacturer, Plug and Play ID, Serial number, input signal type, screen size, sync input support, power management, display type, firmware version, technology used, Default color space, Display gamma, Red chromaticity, Green chromaticity, Blue chromaticity, Horizontal scan range, Vertical scan range, Video bandwidth, CVT standard, GTF standard, resolutions supported and etc.


In addition to LCD and CRT monitors you can use this utility to find information about your HDTV as well. You can quickly save the technical details about the monitor in a txt file or MIF file. You can also find the details of the monitor as stored in the Windows registry.

This utility works both in 32-bit and 64-bit Windows environment. We tested this Windows XP and Windows Vista and found this utility to be working flawlessly.

Download Monitor Asset Manager

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