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Lock and Unlock CD or DVD Drives from Windows

by Shivaranjan on September 29, 2008


If you got small kids around in your home, then by now you will know that how they love to open and close the CD / DVD drive tray by pressing the eject button. CD / DVD drives can be disabled from BIOS but still they will be powered and the tray eject button would allow the kids to open and close the CD / DVD drive tray.

The best option to lock the CD / DVD drive is to do it from within the operating system or Windows. There is a free utility that does this for you for free and it is called CD/DVD Drive Locker. Once this utility is installed it will give you options to lock the drives that you intend lock.


Add the drives that you intend to lock in the locked drives list, once this is done you won’t be able to open the tray of CD / DVD drive using the eject button even though they may be powered. Move the drives that are locked to Available CD/DVD drives list and the software will unlock these drives. The usage of the software is pretty straight forward so any body can use it with ease.

We tested it in Windows XP and Windows Vista and this software worked flawlessly.

Download CD/DVD Drive Locker

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