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Manage File and Folder Attributes in Windows with AttributeZ

by Shivaranjan on October 15, 2008


AttributeZ is a powerful small free utility that will allow you to manage your file and folder attributes under Windows. In Windows you can manage file and folders attributes but not all available options are visible.

This is where AttributeZ comes into scene as it offers management of following file and folder attributes: Archive, Index, Read only, Hidden, System, Temporary, Offline, Compressed, Encrypted, Sparse and Reparse Point.


AttributeZ can be configured to be visible in context menu for files and folders for quick access. Once this configured you should not be changing the location of this program else the context menu link will not work.


This small utility does not require any installation and can be run from a portable USB flash drive as well. This utility works fine under Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Download AttributeZ

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