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Carry and Move with Tiny USB Office the Portable Office Productivity Suite

by Shivaranjan on October 28, 2008


Tiny USB Office is portable small office suite that fits in your USB flash drive and can be run quickly. The Tiny USB Office is true to its name is only under 2.5MB and you can create rich-text word processing documents, share files across multiple computers, transfer files, create MS Excel compatible spreadsheets, comma-delimited database (CSV) files, email your contacts, talk to your friends or co-workers on MSN, create pdf files, or securely encrypt or delete files.


What programs does Tiny USB Office have?

  • Database Creation – with CSVed
  • Data Encryption – with DScrypt
  • Email Client Software – with NPopUK
  • File Compression – with 100 Zipper
  • File Sharing – with HFS
  • File Transfer – with FTP Wanderer
  • Flowchart Creation – with EVE Vector Editor
  • MSN Messenger Client – with PixaMSN
  • Tree-Style Outliner Software – with Mempad
  • PDF Creation – with PDF Producer
  • Password Recovery – with XPass
  • Secure Deletion – with DSdel
  • Spreadsheet Creation – with Spread32
  • Text Editing – with TedNotepad
  • Word Processing – with Kpad
  • Program Launching – with Qsel

This office suite can be used with even with the smallest available USB flash drive as the entire office suite only weighs under 2.5MB. It contains all the necessary applications one would require on the move when away from one’s computer.

So next time you move make sure that Tiny USB Office is put in your USB flash drive.

Download Tiny USB Office (Direct Download) Home Page

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