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Cut Video Clips from DVD Videos using DVD Cutter Plus

by Shivaranjan on October 28, 2008


Earlier we covered a tool called DVD Cutter, that allowed to cut and extract video clips from DVD videos. There is another freeware tool called DVD Cutter Plus that can also cut and extract DVD videos. DVD Cutter Plus has got slightly better user interface when compared to DVD Cutter but it loses in features.


To cut an video locate the VOB file and open it in DVD Cutter Plus. Now move the slider to the desired position and select the “Mark Start” button, now again move the slider to desired level and then select the “Mark End” button. You can preview the clip that you have selected and if you are happy now select the save button and choose the desired position to save the extracted video clip. That’s it now the you should see the extracted clip.

Download DVD Cutter Plus (Direct Download) Home Page

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