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View and Manage All Installed or Connected USB Devices in Windows

by Shivaranjan on October 30, 2008


USBDeview is a small free utility using which you can view and manage all the USB devices that are connected and previously installed in your computer.

The following information of an USB device can be found out: Device name/description, device type, serial number (for mass storage devices), the date/time that device was added, status of the drive, last plug / unplug date, details of which USB hub/ port used, USB class, Vendor ID and Product ID.


Features of USB Deview:

  • Various information of connected and installed USB devices can be found as mentioned earlier.
  • USB devices can be disabled, enabled, disconnected and uninstalled.
  • Report of all available USB devices can be generated in HTML format.
  • Pre-defined commands can be executed when ever an USB device is connected to the computer.
  • USB Deview can connect to remote computers and display and also manage all the USB devices installed in that computer as well. To do this you need to have administrative rights on that computer.
  • This utility does not require any installation hence can be run straight from a USB portable flash drive.

We have tested UBS Deview in Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Download USB Deview (Direct Download) Home Page

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