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Microsoft Windows 7 Features

by Shivaranjan on October 31, 2008


Microsoft demonstrated Windows 7 in PDC 2008 hence more details about upcoming Windows 7 was unveiled.

Some of the Features of Microsoft Windows 7:

1. Device Information Retrieval :

Device Information Retrieval downloads information from Microsoft for your hardware devices and displays it in the Windows 7 Devices and Printers control panel, and when you first install and use a device, in the Device Stage.

This may prove useful if you installing some unknown hardware, where the Windows will check the relevant information for the hardware or device that is being installed.

2. New Improved Device Manager:

Device Manager helps you install the latest drivers for your hardware devices. Using the Update Driver Software Wizard, you can update device drivers for hardware installed on your computer, modify hardware settings, and troubleshoot device and driver problems.

Though device manager feature is already present from Windows XP, it looks like Microsoft has tweaked the driver update wizard in Windows 7.

3. Spiced up Driver Protection:

Driver Protection helps prevent the operating system from starting drivers that are known to cause stability problems. These drivers are listed in a Driver Protection List database that is stored on your computer. The Driver Protection List is updated through Windows Update and Dynamic Update (below). Driver Protection checks this database while the operating system is running. These checks are performed to determine whether to start a driver.

This feature also was already present from Windows XP, looks like this has also been tweaked. Tongue

4. Dynamic Update:

Dynamic Update enables Windows 7 to perform a one-time check with the Windows Update website to get the latest updates for your computer while Windows is being installed. If updates are found, Dynamic Update automatically downloads and installs them so your computer is up to date the first time that you log on or use it.

Windows Vista had this feature built in already as it asks to download all the critical updates before the installation starts.

5. Improved Home Networking in Windows 7

A HomeGroup allows you to easily link Windows 7 computers on your home network so that you can share pictures, music, videos, documents and devices. It also makes them ready to stream media to devices on your home network such as a media extender. You can help protect your HomeGroup with a password, and you can choose what you want to share.

The home networking has been improved when compared to Windows Vista, I am not sure how easy would be if the home network contains computer running different flavours of Windows.

6. Windows 7 Installation Improvement Program:

If you choose to participate in the Installation Improvement Program, the feature sends a single report to Microsoft. The report contains basic information about your computer and how you installed Windows 7. We use this information to help improve the installation experience and to create solutions to common installation problems.

I appreciate this feature as using this may improve the installation process in future versions of Windows.

7. Internet Printing

Internet printing makes it possible for computers running Windows 7 to use printers located anywhere in the world by sending print jobs using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

There are already software available that allows you get this feature in your existing Windows but we should appreciate the fact the Microsoft thought about this being built in Windows 7.

The complete list of available features can be found from here.

There is nothing ground breaking features that have been added in Windows 7, it looks more like Windows Vista done right.

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