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Easily and Quickly Turn Off Windows Sounds

by Shivaranjan on December 7, 2008


Many of us when working on our computers listen to music, but we get disturbed by the default Windows sounds that we hear due to the use of the computer. To turn it off we would have to go to control panel and turn the Windows Sound off which can be a little frustrating if we got to do this frequently.

Sound Off is a free Windows tool that allows you to quickly and easily turn off the Windows sound by just right click of the mouse.


Just install the software and it sits in the system tray and when ever you would like to mute the Windows sounds just right click and hit the Turn Sounds Off button and annoying Windows sounds won’t disturb you, to turn on the Windows sound use the Turn Sounds On option.

We tested this software in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Download Sounds Off (Direct Download) Home Page

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