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Microsoft Outlook Attachments: View, Extract and Save Outlook Attachments

by Shivaranjan on March 31, 2009


Many of us use Microsoft Outlook in at our work place and homes as Outlook is one of the popular desktop email clients. Over the period of time as the emails get accumulated we see that sometimes there may be a need to scan through those emails for some attachment that we would have received in the past to hunt some important file. OutlookAttachView is a free utility that proves pretty useful in such scenarios let us look at what features it has got to offer:

  • This utility scans the Microsoft Outlook and displays all the emails that contain attachments.
  • The following details are displayed: file name, sender, receiver, attachment id, subject of email, attachment type, file size, file/folder path and etc.
  • The attachments listed can be easily saved directly to file or folder of your choice.
  • The attachment list can be saved in file formats like text, html, xml and csv.
  • Ability to delete unwanted attachments right from OutlookAttachView
  • Does not require installation and hence can be used as an portable application.


If you are a Microsoft Outlook user then this tool is a must have for you and moreover this is a free utility.

Download OutlookAttachView (Direct Download) Home Page

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