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How to Compress PDF Files to Reduce File Size

by Shivaranjan on April 2, 2009


Adobe PDF file format is the most commonly used file format to distribute documents. Sometimes some of the PDF docs like e-books are really bulky and there is a need to compress the PDF files. Free PDF Compressor is free utility that can compress or decompress the PDF files.


Features of Free PDF Compressor:

  • Free PDF Compressor compresses the PDF file by removing the duplicate PDF objects and by using latest PDF specifications.
  • Flate and Run Length compression algorithms are available for compression but we did not find any big difference both the algorithms as they returned same file size in our test.
  • This tool offers three compression levels default, maximum and fastest for PDF file compression.
  • This tool does not require any installation hence can be used as a portable application.

We tested this in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Download Free PDF Compressor (Direct Download)

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