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How to Convert PDF Files Between Different PDF Versions/Specifications

by Shivaranjan on April 3, 2009


PDF file type is one of the most common files that we encounter on day today basis, when PDF file is created it is created based on specification / version. The details of the specification and compatible Acrobat version are listed below:

PDF Specification / Version Acrobat Compatibility
PDF Version 1.0 Adobe Acrobat 1.x
PDF Version 1.1 Adobe Acrobat 2.x
PDF Version 1.2 Adobe Acrobat 3.x
PDF Version 1.3 Adobe Acrobat 4.x
PDF Version 1.4 Adobe Acrobat 5.x
PDF Version 1.5 Adobe Acrobat 6.x
PDF Version 1.6 Adobe Acrobat 7.x
PDF Version 1.7 Adobe Acrobat 8.x

There would be many instances where you will be encountering a situation in which you would have to use only a particular format of PDF file only. One such example is when submitting a document to a Government office they ask for a particular PDF version and in such cases PDF Version Converter a free tool proves to be immensely useful. PDF Version Converter can convert PDF files from one version to another version easily and quickly. All you have to do is point the file and choose the version in which you want the output PDF file and this tool takes care of the rest.


PDF Version Converter currently supports the following PDF versions 1.0 to PDF version 1.5. The best part is that this tool does not require any installation hence can be pretty useful to carry in USB portable drives. We tested this tool in Windows XP and Windows Vista and found it to be doing its job perfectly.

Download PDF Version Converter (Direct Download) Home Page

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