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Windows XP / Vista Tip: How to Backup Registry to File or Folder

by Shivaranjan on April 3, 2009


Windows Registry is a database that contains the settings and options of the Windows operating system. In addition to this it also stores hardware, software, user specific settings etc, in the event that it gets corrupted then Windows may get affected significantly to the event that it would refuse to boot hence it makes  lot of sense to backup this important database once in while. Let us discuss how to backup registry in Windows.

How to Backup Registry

1. Go to Start >> Run >> type ‘regedit’ and press enter.


2. Now Windows Registry Editor window will be opened.


3. To backup the Registry go to File >> Export as shown in the screenshot below


4. Select the directory to which you would like to save the backup Registry file.


5. Now the the registry will get exported in few seconds or minutes based on your computer’s performance. Do this regularly once in a while so that and keep the backup file safe. Happy

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