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Take Screenshot/Animation/Screencast using Screen Capturer

by Shivaranjan on April 28, 2009


Screen Capturer is a free software (registerware) for taking screenshot and animation in Windows.

Features of Screen Capturer:

There are two capture mode that is offered, they are screenshot mode and animation mode. In screenshot mode you can take screenshots of Full-screen, current active window, window and selected rectangular region. The image that is captured can be copied to clipboard, saved as image file in BMP/JPG/GIF/PNG/TIFF format, emailed and printed quickly.


In animation mode or screencast mode the screencast can be taken only in full screen mode and no option is available to take the screencast in desired dimensions. The screencast that is created can be saved as file or emailed. The screencast can be saved in AVI format or Windows media video format (wmv), encoding options are provided using Windows media video 7/8/9 and audio using Windows media audio 9.2/10.


The audio can be captured from either MIC or Line in setup of the soundcard. When you capture option is also provided to set the frame rate the default frame rate is 5 which you can change based on your required. The various functionalities can be invoked using hot keys that are configurable.


This tool runs in Windows XP and Windows Vista

Download Screen Capturer ( This is a registerware, please click this link to get the serial number for free)

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