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Note-It: The Enhanced/Advanced Desktop Sticky Notes for Windows

by Shivaranjan on April 30, 2009


Note-It is a free advanced or enhanced Desktop notes management program for Windows that not only allows you take notes but also offers enhanced features that is not found in other note taking programs. At the first look it looks similar to the Microsoft Outlook notes but with many enhanced features.

Features of Note-It: The Enhanced/Advanced Desktop Sticky Notes for Windows

You can create multiple notes that are appended to single file instead of multiple files. The note text can be dragged and dropped from most of the applications. Assign different colours to notes to differentiate between various notes. Note-It offers formatting capability using which you can format you note’s the font, style, alignment and use bullets.  (click to enlarge the screenshot below)


You can create special notes using which you can create remainders for your note so that you don’t forget your important note. The special notes also allows you to display information like computer memory, live clipboard viewer, and hard drive space. There is option to feed RSS feeds and lookup stock details as well.


In Note-It you can store images in the note that you create and spell checking is option is provided to spell check the content of notes. The notes that are created can be emailed with a single click which can be useful if you want to send this information to somebody. Note-It is a powerful note management software that has got advanced features if you take notes frequently then we highly recommend this to you. We tested this in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Download Note-It

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