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Scan, Backup and Restore Device Drivers in Windows using Double Driver

by Shivaranjan on April 30, 2009


Double Driver is a free tool that allows you scan, backup and restore drivers in Windows. This is a very useful software as in many instances we may loose the original driver CD that came along with the hardware, locating and downloading the driver is a pain if the product is discontinued by the manufacturer and in such cases the Double Driver will prove very beneficial.


Double Driver scans and lists all the drivers that are available on your computer with details like version, date, provider, class, setup information and hardware ID, this list can be saved and printed for your reference.

To backup the drivers choose the drivers for the devices that you intend to backup and then using the ‘Backup’ option backup the drivers and point to the location where you want the backup driver to be saved. The backup drivers can be saved in structured folders, compressed zipped folder or single self extract executable file.


To restore the drivers previously backed up, point it to the location where the backed up drives are there and then the drivers would be restored. Double Driver can be converted to run in portable mode using ‘Build Double Driver portable’.  The usage of the software is very simple and anybody can use it with ease. The software was tested by us in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Download Double Driver

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