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Manage / Remove / Detect Hardware Devices of Your Computer using Device Remover

by Shivaranjan on May 13, 2009


Device Remover is a free tool using you can manager all the hardware and software (virtual) devices of your computer, this is a great alternative to the standard device manager provided by Windows.


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Features of Device Remover:

1. Detailed or extensive view of all installed Devices, Device Classes, Drivers and Services on a Windows System (Hidden, Detached, Current installed, Problematic Devices,etc,…). The devices can be viewed in two ways they are Device tree and device list. In device list all the devices are listed but without any hardware sub category where as in device tree view all the devices are listed under hardware sub groups like display devices, hard disk drive, network adapters, processors and etc.



It can also display system detected devices, physically present or connected devices and hidden / detached devices also.


2. Quickly and easily remove multiple devices, to remove multiple devices just select the devices and using remove device option you can remove them from your computer.


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3. Modification/Manipulation of Devices, Drivers and Services on the System.

4. Search facility for searching a particular device is provided which we found very useful.


5. Ability to trigger hardware detection for detecting new hardware devices.


This is an extremely useful application to manage devices in Windows and this works in Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7. We feel that the application name can be changed from Device remover to Power Device Manager as the name is misleading as the software offers much more than just removing a device.

Download Device Remover

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