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Cut / Split MP3 Files using Free MP3 Cutter Plus

by Shivaranjan on May 26, 2009


There are many instances when we would like to cut a part of a song to use as a ringtone in our phones and for that we would need to cut or split a song, in such cases a software utility like Free MP3 Cutter Plus is very useful. Free MP3 Cutter Plus is a free tool using which you can cut or split a MP3 file.


Another Similar Tool: Split / Cut MP3 Audio files using Split MP3

This utility is pretty straightforward to use, to cut a MP3 file just load the file using the ‘Open’ option to load the MP3 file. After the file gets loaded using the ‘Mark Start’ button mark the start position and then slide the slider to the desired level to choose the length of the clip. Now using the ‘Mark End’ mark the end position. If you desire using the ‘Played Selected’ option you can preview the portion that you have selected and using the save option you can save the clip that was cut from the original mp3 track. This is a very useful tool and works with all versions of Windows.

Download Free MP3 Cutter Plus

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