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Microsoft Outlook: Find Out Time in Email Sender’s Time Zone

by Shivaranjan on May 31, 2009


If you are working with a client or people who are in different time zones then we might want to know their current time in their location, one such use would be if we would like to greet the email sender.

Sender’s Time Zone is free add-in for Microsoft Outlook using which will display the local time of the email sender, difference from your time zone and the amount of time that as passed after the sender sent the email.


This tool does not require any configuration, just install it and when you open an email message you will be able to see the sender’s current time as well as your time zone difference, that is the number of hours ahead or behind. You will see at a glance when the e-mail was really sent, regardless of where the sender’s office is located, whether it be East or West coast (EST, EDT, CST, CDT, PST or PDT), Europe (GMT, WET, CET, EET) or Asia in addition to standard Outlook time stamp.

Download Microsoft Outlook Sender’s Time Zone Add-in

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