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Firefox Greasemonkey Script: Display Actual Unread Google Reader Feed Item Count

by Shivaranjan on September 28, 2009


Google reader is a fantastic feed reader for managing all your RSS feeds and is used by many of us. If you subscribe to lot of RSS feeds then you will receive thousands of updates daily but Google reader displays 1000+ as the total count of the unread items when the unread feed item count is more than 1000. There are instances when you would like to know how much unread items you have if you are clearing your RSS feeds after a long time like me. Big Grin

There is a very useful greasemonkey script that will sum up the unread item of each feed and display the actual unread count in the Google reader.

Below is the screenshot before the script is installed:


After the script is installed the unread count is now being displayed correctly:


So you can now notice that the unread items are now correctly being displayed in Google reader after the script was installed.

Install Google Reader Unread Count Greasemonkey Script

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