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Uninstall Adobe Flash Plug-in and ActiveX Control

by Shivaranjan on September 30, 2009


There were recent enhancements to Adobe Flash player installers owing to which you cannot uninstall Adobe Flash from your computer from Windows control panel. In the event that you need to uninstall the Adobe Flash player completely it has to be accomplished by using official tool provided by the Adobe.

Adobe Flash Uninstaller is a small program weighing only 206KB that you need to download and run to remove the Adobe Flash player from your computer. When you run the uninstaller you will be prompted by the uninstaller to confirm the removal of the Adobe Flash player, if you opt for removal the un-installation process would be completed in few minutes.


Instructions from Adobe for Flash player un-installation:

  • Download the uninstaller from here.
  • Save the file to your system, choosing a location where you can find it (for example, your desktop). Macintosh users may need to open or unstuff the .hqx file.
  • Quit ALL running applications, including all Internet Explorer or other browser windows, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, or other Messengers. Check the Windows system tray carefully to make certain no applications are still in memory which might possibly use Flash Player.
  • Run the uninstaller. This will remove Adobe Flash Player from all browsers on the system.

Note: The uninstaller cannot remove files currently in use.

If you have any instances of the player open in your web browsers, instant messaging clients, stand-alone SWFs, or projectors, then the uninstaller will complete but some files may not be deleted. If this occurs, then close all of your applications and run the uninstaller again to ensure that all files are removed.

Note: Internet Explorer users may have to reboot to clear all uninstalled Flash Player ActiveX control files. If you’re not certain, select the “Show Details” button in the Flash Player uninstaller. If there are any log lines that begin with “Delete on Reboot…” then you’ll need to reboot BEFORE running the Flash Player installer again.

Download Adobe Flash Uninstaller

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