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Batch Unpack / Extract Password Protected Archives (zip, rar & 7z) using ExtractItAll

by Shivaranjan on November 4, 2009


ExtractItAll is a freeware utility using which you can batch extract / unpack multiple password protected archives using a list of passwords. This tool can also be used to extract archives which are not password protected, these days huge files in rapidshare and other file sharing sites are stored in multiple parts. A 700MB file will be stored in 7 parts of 100MB each with file names file.rar, file.r01 .. file.rn etc so this tool also extracts files of those type as well.


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To extract files just drag and drop the files that needs to be extracted and hit the ‘Start’ button at the bottom of the screen to start the extraction.


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To extract the password protected files add the passwords and the program will save it, when the password protected files are being extracted password would be applied to extract the file.


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The program provides two options for selecting the extraction destination, use the dynamic subdirectory when you want to the extract the files within the source directory and use fixed directory to choose the directory of your choice.

The program supports the following file types:

  1. * 7-Zip  ( *.7z )
  2. * Rar ( *.rar | *.r00, *.r01, … | *.part1.rar , *.part01.rar , … )
  3. * Zip ( *.zip )

This program does not require any installation hence can be used as a portable application. To run this application you will require .Net Framework 3.5 installed in your Windows pc.

Download ExtractItAll

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Massimo Villa May 24, 2013 at 10:57 pm

Great tool, thanks for sharing.

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