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Google Chrome Extension: Adblock Plus– Block / Disable Advertisements (Ads) on Webpages

by Shivaranjan on May 1, 2011


Adblock for Chrome is an extension that blocks ads using the Firefox Adblock Plus filter engine. Many of my friends who happen to be Firefox users did not switch to Google Chrome because there was no Adblock Plus extension for Chrome which was available for Firefox. Adblock Plus is created by the same community that created the hugely popular Adblock Plus for Firefox which has been downloaded more than 115 million times.

Types of Ads that Adblock Plus for Chrome can block:

This extension can block the following type of ads:

  • Adblock plus blocks most of the banner, popup and layer advertisements.
  • This extension disables the video ads on YouTube which is great. This saves time as YouTube ads run for a duration of 30 seconds so this means that if someone watches 20 YouTube videos then they would save around 10 minutes.
  • Adblock Plus can hide annoying images on any website.

Features of Adblock Plus for Chrome:

Once the extension is installed you can see a small icon towards the right side of the address bar (refer to the screenshot below) which means that the extension is active.


If the user for some reason doesn’t want Adblock Plus to block ads on a particular page then they can uncheck the ‘Enabled for this site’ option. There is also option to create a filter for a set of websites for which you don’t want to the block ads. The ABP icon on the right side of the address bar now gets greyed out indicating that it is now disabled for that particular page.


If this extension doesn’t block a particular type of advertisement then it can be added to block list by right clicking the ad and choosing the ‘Block element’ option.


This extension offers advanced options further to customize the filters available for Chrome. The four available options are Filter lists, Add your own filters, White listed domains and General.

Filter Lists Option:

In this tab the out of date lists can be updated manually also available filters are listed and the filters can be activated or deactivated based on the requirement.


Add your own Filters:

This option can be used to add user defined filters based on requirement. The filters must be written using the Adblock Plus filter syntax.


White listed Domains:

This option is used to add the websites or domains for which Adblock Plus must not be active.



This option offers to control the following behavioral properties of Adblock plus: Visibility of icons on the address bar, Show ‘Block Element’ right click menu item, disabling or enabling of inline text ads and blocking of ads inside of YouTube videos.


Adblock Plus for Chrome is a brilliant extension for Chrome and former users of Firefox will surely love this extension. This extension is still in Beta stage and there are chances that it might have some bugs, this extension worked fine without any issues when I tested it with Google Chrome dev version 12.0.742.12.

Download and Install Adblock Plus for Chrome

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