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Android App: CF-Bench– Benchmark Performance of CPU and Memory of Android Phones

by Shivaranjan on June 22, 2011


CF-Bench is a CPU, memory and disk benchmark tool which can test both single core and multicore android devices.


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CF-Bench runs CPU tests like MIPS, MSFLOPS, MDFLOPS, MALLOCS test one natively and other with Java code. To assess memory performance memory read/write test is performed natively and using Java code. CF-Bench also measures disk read/write performance to arrive at the final score.

The results of the benchmark are divided in two groups they are Native score and Java score and a Overall score is given based on these two scores. CF-Bench doesn’t perform any test to assess the GPU performance of Android devices and I hope this will be added in future updates of this app.


The app displays your phones score comparatively to performance scores of the following phones Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Sensation, Motorola Atrix, Google Nexus S and HTC Hero.  This gives a overall picture about your device where it stands when compared to these phones. CF-Bench is a free app supported by Ads and can be downloaded from Android market for free.

Download CF-Bench


Via XDA Forums

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