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Review: Mugen Power 3300mAh Extended Battery for Samsung Nexus S

by Shivaranjan on July 27, 2011


I have been using Google Nexus S for a while now and it is a very good phone. Like most big screen smart phones the battery hardly lasts a day with stock battery and due to this I have to carry around spare batteries whenever I am away from mains supply for long duration. There are few aftermarket extended batteries that offer extended battery with higher capacity and Mugen Power is one of them. Mugen Power were very generous to send me a review unit of 3300mAh Extended Battery for Google Nexus S.

The standard battery that comes with Nexus S is of 1500mAh capacity and the 3300mAh extended battery from Mugen Power offers twice the amount of capacity when compared to the stock battery but the battery adds additional weight and thickness to the sleek Nexus S. Let us see how the massive 3300mAh battery fares during the daily use.


What is in the box?

  • 3300mAh Extended Battery
  • External door for the phone with NFC chip.



Description Specification
Capacity 3300 mAh
Type Lithium Ion battery
Voltage 3.7 V

Design and Ease of use:

Nexus_S_Mugen_Battery_02 Nexus_S_Mugen_Battery_03

Nexus_S_Mugen_Battery_09 Nexus_S_Mugen_Battery_07

The 3300mAh battery packs 2.2 times the amount of the capacity when compared to the standard battery but this makes the extended battery twice as big. This means that you cannot use the battery cover that came with your phone and you will have to use the battery door provided by the Mugen Power. The battery door provided with this battery is made of plastic but it is quite good and also comes with NFC chip so you will not miss out the NFC feature even if you don’t use the standard battery cover. The battery cover fits very nicely over the Nexus S and it doesn’t seem to be a misfit over the Nexus S. The slots for camera, flash and external speaker provided and none of the functionality seems to be affected after fitting this battery cover. If you are using standard battery cover there chances that your Nexus S camera might get scratched but if this is not the case with Mugen Power battery door as camera gets receded once the door is installed.

Nexus_S_Mugen_Battery_20 Nexus_S_Mugen_Battery_19

Nexus_S_Mugen_Battery_15 Nexus_S_Mugen_Battery_16

When holding the phone in your hand you get good grip over the phone even though the phone is now bulky. If you are using any external case for Nexus S then after fitting this battery you will not be able to use it as the phone size gets changed. People who are used to the sleek feel of the Nexus S, will take a few days to get used to the additional bulk and thickness after fitting the battery. I would say this is a small price to pay for the benefits that you get by using this battery.

Size Comparison with and without extended battery:

View 1:



View 2:



View 3:



View 4:



Battery Performance:

After you install your battery to get optimum performance it takes a couple of recharge cycle as with any other lithium ion battery. Mugen power gives detailed instructions on how to condition the battery initially. I was able to pull 1 day 13h with moderate to heavy usage and 2 days with light to moderate usage.

Moderate to Heavy usage: 1 Day 13 hrs

  • 3G always ON.
  • Brightness to set to Auto mode and in moderately bright environment.
  • Gmail, whatsapp, facebook and Twitter for Android sync always ON
  • 3 hours browsing using stock browser
  • 1.5 hour of reading articles using Google reader
  • 20-30 whatsapp messages.
  • 10 photos clicked with Flash ON
  • 30 mins of Angry birds.
  • 30 mins of voice calls.
  • Phone signal strength varying between at –95 dBm to –111 dBm (BSNL Cellone Carrier in Chennai city)

mugen-battery-life-nexus-s-1 mugen-battery-life-nexus-s-2

This is bloody awesome when compared to the battery life of around 13 hrs that I used to get with stock battery. This means with my moderate to heavy usage I can easily pull 1.5 days off with this battery. Open-mouthed smile

Light to Moderate Usage: 2 Days

    • 3G always ON.
    • Brightness to set to Auto mode and in moderately bright environment.
    • Gmail, whatsapp, facebook and Twitter for Android sync always ON
    • 3 hours listening to music using stock android music player
    • 2-3 hours of reading using Google reader
    • Reply to couple of emails using Gmail app
    • 30-45 mins browsing using stock android browser
    • Phone signal strength varying between at –95 dBm to –111 dBm (BSNL Cellone Carrier in Chennai city)


mugen-battery-life-nexus-s-3 mugen-battery-life-nexus-s-4

I can now pull off easily two days with my light to moderate use without being near to a mains supply. Smile You should also note that the Nexus S comes with a 0.7A rated charger and it takes around 6 hours to completely charge this battery on Nexus S charger. I would recommend that you use other 1A rated chargers that are available in market as it can speed up the charging a bit.


The extended battery does add additional bulk and weight to the phone but it is definitely a small price to pay for the amount of the battery life that you get over the standard battery that comes with Nexus S. I would recommend this battery just for the sheer amount of battery life that I get and people who travel frequently will love this batter a lot. The Mugen Power 3300mAh battery for Nexus S is available for 99 USD with worldwide shipping.

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