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Google Chrome: How to sync bookmarks, apps, extensions, preferences, passwords, browsing history and etc

by Shivaranjan on September 20, 2011


Google Chrome is a brilliant web browser and I have been using it as my primary browser. The sync feature of Google chrome is something which I like the most as I use different computers running different operating systems with Chrome as primary browser.

How to sync bookmarks, apps, extensions, preferences, passwords and etc in Google Chrome?

1. Open Google Chrome and then look for the ‘Wrench’ button towards the top right of the screen as shown below:


2. Choose the ‘Options’ button from the dropdown.


3. Now choose ‘Personal stuff’ option and you then select ‘Set up sync..’ option.


4. Now the Google Chrome will prompt you to login with your Google account credentials, use your Google account to sign in.


5. After you sign in the Chrome will offer you the items that are available for sync. You can also opt for Sync all or choose the ones that you intend to sync. You can sync Apps, autofill, extensions, chrome preferences, history, themes, bookmarks and passwords. Chrome also offers encryption options for the data that would be synced, you can choose encrypt the passwords or encrypt all of the data that is going to synced. I personally prefer to encrypt all of the synced data. The data will be either encrypted using your Google account password or you are free to choose your own passphrase.


6. After you have made your choices the Chrome will sync the chosen data across all Chrome instances that you use if you enable the sync feature. In future if you intend to disable the Chrome sync then just go to Chrome Options > Personal Stuff > and choose ‘Stop syncing this account’

In case of any questions post in the comments.

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