Google+ Plus: How to Stop Email and SMS Notifications?

July 1, 2011

Google+ Plus is awesome but one of the most annoying things, was that I was receiving many emails with regard to the Google+ notifications. There is an easy way using which you can configure the email notifications that get delivered or you can stop them altogether. 1. Login to your Google+ account and then towards [...]

Google Plus (+) : How to Delete a User Comment from your Stream/Post?

July 1, 2011

Now that you are active on Google+ and have been using it for a while, let us find out how to delete a comment that has been posted on your stream. It is useful to know this as there might be cases when you might want to delete a comment from one of your posts. [...]

Review: Samsung Galaxy S II GT-i9100 (Indian Variant) – Part 1 of 2– Specs, Hardware, Design/Build, Display, CPU, RAM, Storage, Connectivity and Battery

June 27, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II is the current flagship Android device from Samsung stables, this phone has been the most sought after phone and has drawn lot of attention to itself . In this review we shall see whether this phone lives up to the attention and coverage it has got in the tech world. What [...]

Android App: SD Tools– Find Info about SD Card and Benchmark SD Card

June 23, 2011

SD Tools is a free Android app which can find info about your phone’s SD card and you can also benchmark your SD card. SD Tools can give you the following details about your Android phone’s SD card- Total capacity, available capacity, Name of the card, OEM id, MID, serial number, CSD, CID and etc. [...]

Greenshot- The Lightweight Screenshot Taking Utility

June 23, 2011

Greenshot is a free lightweight screenshot taking utility with loads of features. Greenshot when run sits in Windows system tray and you can invoke the app with shortcuts to take screenshots. When you right click on the Greenshot icon in the system tray you see the various available options.  Greenshot can capture screenshots in free [...]

Split a Folder into Multiple Small Folders by Number of Files, Folder Size and Folder Name using Folder Axe

June 23, 2011

Folder Axe is a free software that you can use to split a folder into multiple small folders based on various criteria. This can be quite useful if you are organizing files from a large folder with huge number of files. Features of Folder Axe: The following split criteria are available in Folder Axe to [...]

Android App: CF-Bench– Benchmark Performance of CPU and Memory of Android Phones

June 22, 2011

CF-Bench is a CPU, memory and disk benchmark tool which can test both single core and multicore android devices. (click image to enlarge )

Convert Nero NRG File to Standard ISO File Format using NRG to ISO

June 21, 2011

Many times you would end up downloading files that are in Nero .nrg file format from the internet. Nero NRG file format is a proprietary CD/DVD image format used by popular CD/DVD authoring software called Nero Burning ROM. To extract the contents of a .nrg file you need to install Nero’s virtual drive to mount [...]